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Frequently Asked Questions

The purchased lithium will be stored in our German high-security warehouse. By purchasing the lithium, you pay the corresponding storage rent for one year in advance. A corresponding storage contract is concluded separately. The respective Lithium Investment Units are recorded electronically so that the storage location of the corresponding units in the warehouse can be determined at any time. You will be informed of the details after storage. This also includes information on the storage location and the corresponding ID numbers of the respective retain samples. This means that the contents and the corresponding Lithium Investment Unit can always be clearly identified.

The lithium you have purchased is legally in your sole possession after the purchase has been completed. You can therefore store it yourself at any time. However, it must be noted that our high-security warehouse is a free warehouse and that import duties and, in particular, VAT are not yet due at the time of purchase. In the case of delivery for own safekeeping, which is possible at any time, VAT and import duty will therefore be due. In addition, there are fees for customs clearance, for removal from storage and for transport to the desired new storage location.  You can find a corresponding price overview here

Profits from investments in physical metals are tax-free after a holding period of at least one year. Private individuals with unlimited tax liability in Germany who hold precious and technology metals in their private property and generate income from them may collect this income tax-free. As soon as the lithium has been in your possession for more than one year, any gain on sale is tax-free. If you realise profits before the expiry of one year, it is a private sale transaction according to §23 para. 1 no. 2 EStG. Pursuant to §23 para. 3 sentence 5 EStG, this gain above a limit of 600 Euros from this transaction within a calendar year is subject to income tax.

Please note that these statements do not constitute tax advice. In case of doubt, contact your tax advisor.

Your lithium or the corresponding lithium investment units are stored in a high-security warehouse of HWS AG in Germany. For this purpose, you conclude a storage contract with a 100% subsidiary of HWS AG. The storage facility is a specially secured, formerly state-owned facility. The storage building was designed to be nuclear bomb-proof when it was built and is now privately owned. The exact location will only be disclosed to you after the purchase of your lithium in order to ensure the greatest possible security and anonymity of the storage site.

As soon as we have received the purchase sum, the lithium you have purchased is in your possession. We only sell you lithium that is already in our possession. Either we arrange the transport of the Lithium carbonate from the import harbour to our high security storage facility, or you acquire lithium which is already in our high security storage facility. As soon as the purchase transaction is completed, you will receive a corresponding final invoice and the accompanying documents for your lithium. This will inform you of the respective serial numbers of your Lithium Investment Units and the exact storage location. You will also receive one of the two retain samples that belong to each Lithium Investment Unit. For reasons of security and traceability, a second, identical retain sample will be stored at a separate location by us. Each barrel of Lithium carbonate and the two retain samples are sealed and bear a uniform serial number for complete quality control and monitoring of your lithium.