Lithium Investment Unit Storage Location

The LIUs are stored in the company’s own 800 m² high-security storage facility. A former nuclear bomb-proof storage facility provides the ideal conditions for this purpose. The actual storage facility is formed by a 0.4 m thick reinforced concrete ceiling on which a 1.5 m thick earth cover rests. Furthermore, the site has only one access road and only one (secured) entrance to the actual storage facility. The entire facility is monitored by video around the clock. The warehouse site also meets all fire protection requirements and is protected against rising ground water and other environmental influences (heat, cold). Furthermore, there is practically no earthquake hazard at the site (based on Grünthal et al. 1998 or here: on average every 50 years an earthquake of maximum level III or level IV). There is no danger of flooding at the storage site, since there are no rivers or other bodies of water in the vicinity.