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Repurchase process of a Lithium Investment Unit

Below is a description of the individual steps for the settlement of the sale of a Lithium Investment Unit to HWS AG (= repurchase of the Lithium Investment Units by HWS AG) The repurchase agreement can be found in the corresponding linked PDF. If you have any further questions, please contact our SALES team (by e-mail to or by phone at +49(0)211 – 5692 7774, Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm).

Submission of the repurchase contract to HWS AG

In order to start the sales process to HWS AG, you must download the repurchase contract listed below. Please send the completed repurchase agreement by letter, fax or e-mail together with a copy of your identity card and the completed data protection declaration of consent1 to:

HWS – Aktiengesellschaft
Handel – Wirtschaft – Services

Monschauer Straße 12
D-40549 Duesseldorf (Germany)

Fax.: +49(0)211 – 563 888 05

Please find below the repurchase contract of HWS AG as PDF for download.

In the following you will find the data protection declaration of consent (DoC) as PDF for download.

Purchase confirmation and transfer of the purchase sum

send you a repurchase confirmation (by e-mail or letter, as you wish) with the corresponding repurchase price of the Lithium Investment Units you have offered. Please note that the repurchase price of the Lithium Carbonate is equal to the price shown on the GLP Programme website ( for the repurchase of a Lithium Investment Unit containing 150 kg battery grade Lithium Carbonate on the date indicated and therefore does NOT necessarily equal the amount paid by you to purchase the Lithium Investment Unit2. Furthermore, the deposit on the drum and the pallet will be refunded, provided that they are returned undamaged at the time of sale (please note the additional costs of any small quantity deposit). The individual items will be listed separately in the repurchase confirmation.

The redemption confirmation sent by us with the stated redemption amount for the Lithium Investment Units offered by you must be confirmed by you by means of the form provided (you can send us the relevant form by letter, fax or e-mail to the following contact addresses, by letter to HWS – Aktiengesellschaft, Handel – Wirtschaft – Services, Monschauer Straße 12, D-40549 Duesseldorf (Germany), by fax to +49(0)211 – 563 888 05 or by e-mail to If the Lithium Investment Units offered by you for repurchase are stored in our high-security storage facility, the amount stated in the purchase confirmation will be transferred to the bank account specified by you in the sales contract (usually within 14 days). If the Lithium Investment Units offered by you for repurchase are located at another location not managed by us, the transfer of the bounties mentioned in the purchase confirmation will only take place after delivery of the Lithium Investment Units to one of our locations, whose address we will inform you accordingly in the purchase confirmation and only after inspection and testing of the seals and the barrel by one of our employees (if the seal is missing or damaged, a corresponding laboratory examination of the barrel contents must be carried out in an independent and certified laboratory named by us, e.g. ALS Global, the costs of which will be deducted accordingly from the repurchase sum; the transfer of the sum stated in the purchase confirmation, minus the costs of the laboratory examinations, will accordingly only be made after a positive result of the laboratory examinations has been confirmed by the employees of HWS AG).

1by completing and submitting the data protection declaration of consent in full, you expressly agree to the processing of your personal data within the scope of the repurchase transaction in accordance with Art. 9 DSGVO para. 2. Further information on the storage of personal data can be found in the data protection declaration, which you can view here.

2PLEASE NOTE: The repurchase price of the lithium carbonate (i.e. the amount paid by HWS AG to you for the repurchase of your lithium carbonate) is shown accordingly on the GLP Project website and is subject to daily fluctuations. The fluctuations are based on the one hand on constantly changing exchange rate differences between different currencies, as lithium carbonate is purchased from suppliers all over the world, and on the changing, currently valid world market prices for lithium carbonate, which are determined by the supply and demand for lithium carbonate in accordance with the current market situation. HWS AG has no influence on these price fluctuations and accordingly passes them on directly to the customer, which is reflected in the selling and purchasing price. However, HWS AG reserves the right to retain a three percent management fee on the repurchase price compared to the sales price (equivalent to the amount for which you can purchase a Lithium Investment Unit from HWS AG).

All documents of the buy-back process will be archived by us at least for the period of storage of the Lithium Investment Units and beyond that for a maximum of another ten years. The archived documents can be made available to you accordingly at any time on request. As this involves the storage of personal data, we refer to the relevant information in the data protection declaration, which you can find here.

We endeavour to settle any disputes arising from consumer contracts out of court. We are therefore prepared to conduct a dispute resolution procedure before the Außergerichtliche Streitbeilegungsstelle für Verbraucher und Unternehmer e. V., Hohe Str. 11, 04107 Leipzig , Telephone: +49 341 56116370 , Fax: +49 341 56116371,, , provided that the consumer has previously asserted the disputed claim against us. Consumers are of course entitled to take legal action at any time.